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A regular Yoga practice will help to improve strength and flexibility in the body and calmness and composure in the mind.
Yoga and Pilates Classes in Penistone

Yoga is an ancient tradition that is far more than an exercise system. It involves not only movement, but also Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Philosophy. It touches you at every level, physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga will help you to manage your life with a little more calmness, composure and Equanimity. A regular Yoga practice will help to build strength and flexibility within the body and provide a sense of stillness within the mind.

Sarah Wilson

Equanimity Studio - Penistone

Yoga Classes

We work with the classic Yoga postures (Asana) and sequences in a mindful, breath-led practice (Pranayama).

Classes will start with a connection of mind, body and breath.

We then practice a movement sequence using a variety of Yoga postures to improve stregth, mobility and flexibility in the whole body. Each class will work on a particular theme.

The class will end with a guided relaxation, to calm the body and release the mind.

Level 1 – The class is open to all levels and suitable for beginners. Yoga Postures can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Functional Yoga

In these classes we take a functional approach to our Yoga.

We work through postures and movement sequences that will help us release tension in the body, mobilising and releasing joints, in a mindful and functional way that will help us in everyday living.

We focus on common, modern day restrictions in our bodies, working with alignment and activation of the muscular-skeletal system, and the fascia tissue in the body.

A modern approach to movement with all the benefits that Yoga has to offer.

Level 1 – The class is open to all levels and suitable for beginners. Yoga Postures can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa simply means to link together. In this class we dance through different Yoga postures linking them with breath to create a flowing sequence. The style is more dynamic with constant movement, finding occasional stillness in the flow to ground the body and mind. This style of Yoga is particularly good for people who experience stiffness in their bodies from sedentary jobs, as it helps to release the Fascia tissue more than static Yoga postures.

Level 1 – Suitable for all levels and beginners who are able to move from the ground to standing with ease.

Level 2 – A slightly more challenging class moving at a faster pace, with some experience of basic yoga postures and reasonable fitness.

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