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We host a variety of bespoke workshops and events in our studio and treatment room. You can book a place on one of our workshops below.

Yoga with live music in Penistone

Candles, Chords and Chakras

Friday 25th September 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Join us in a warm candle lit studio for a piano-side journey through the Chakras with Yoga.

We will start with an introduction to the seven Chakras (energetic wheels) found within our subtle body. We will then explore how to open and balance the Chakras with postures (Asana) that relate to the individual Chakras within the physical body, pranayama (breathing techniques) and Mantra (sounds) with the Biji mantras.

Our Yoga practice will be accompanied with live piano music and singing of the Biji Mantras by Catherine Rannus of Belightful Music.

A relaxing and energising way to spend a March Friday evening.

With Sarah Wilson and Catherine Ranus

2 hrs - £20

Equanimity Studio - Penistone

Shoulders - Stability and Function

Shoulders - Stability and Function

Saturday 28th March - 1.00pm to 3.00pm

The shoulders are a vulnerable area of the body and prone to pain and dysfunction. Poor posture, stress and an office based job can all contribute to the shoulder area losing function and mobility.

In this two hour workshop we learn how the shoulders should function correctly and apply these principles to how we move our own shoulders in everyday life. Working with the Feldenkrais Method of movement we explore new neural pathways to help the mind and body relearn how to regain more function and mobility.

With Diane Hancock – The Mindful Body

2 hrs - £25

Equanimity Studio - Penistone

Yoga and Pilates Classes in Penistone

Moving Into Menopause

Look out for new dates to be announced in 2020

As our bodies move into Menopause the body and mind changes considerably. There is nothing that we can do as a woman to stop this process, we have to learn to embrace this life stage, to help make the transition more easeful.

There is considerable information about what we can do to prepare ourselves for the menopause, but all to often we only seek out this information once we have entered the Peri Menopause or Menopause. Usually by that stage we have already struggled for some time to manage the sypmtoms, often blaming it on other things.

Night sweats, bloating, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, brain fog, loss of bone density and a general feeling of being out of control, like someone has reached deep inside us and stolen our body and mind are common.

Reserach shows that Exercise, Mindfulness, Meditation and healthy eating can help manage and alliviate unwanted symptoms of the Menopause.

In this workshop we use movement techniques from both Pilates and Yoga, to strenghten the body and help address loss of bone density. We also find fluid movements, which are low impact to support the changes in our joints and fascia (connective tissue) as these areas become more brittle and dry.

We use focused breathing practices to alliviate anxiety and mood swings and relax the over stressed Nervous System, as we adapt to hormonal changes.

We learn how to reconnect, appreciate and rediscover our new body. Our amazing Menopause body.

This workshop is also about learning off each other, who better to advise us than other women experiencing the same issues as us. Learning, sharing and laughing our way through it together.

This workshop is about celebrating Moving Into Menopause, our rite of passage into the next chapter of our lives.

With Sarah Wilson

2 Hours

Price £20

Equanimity Studio - Penistone

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