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We also offer a selection of other Movement methods and traditions to complement our Pilates and Yoga classes.


A powerful and revolutionary approach to improving your life.

By heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture, the Feldenkrais Method® brings us closer to realising our full human potential. Bringing this into our lives, we learn to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace.
The Method can permanently improve our posture, balance and coordination, awakening our innate capacity for life-long vitality and continuing self-development.
Tai-Chi Classes in Penistone

Tai Chi

An ancient, time-tested traditional Chinese method of self-development.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art and fitness practice based upon the ancient Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang. Tai chi focuses upon harmonizing opposing postural forces to develop a balanced body and tranquil mind.There are many different styles of Tai Chi including Yang style and Chen style. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and physical abilities.
Regular practice can help to improve posture, leg strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Tai chi also encourages calm breathing and focused mindful movements which can reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns.


QiGong - ‘Qi’ Vital energy ‘Gong’ Skull.

Cultivated through steady practice. A mind, body and spirit practice, QiGong helps to improve mental balance and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing techniques, sound and focused intent. Slow graceful movements to balance and increase vital energy in the body. Suitable for all levels.
Baby Massage Classes at Equanimity Penistone

Baby Massage

A lovely way to enjoy time with your baby.

Baby Massage is an amazing gift that you can share with your baby. It is great for both parent and baby to enhance the bonding process, understand your baby’s cues and release oxytocin which encourages relaxation and wellbeing.
It can also help babies to develop body awareness and coordination, toning their muscles, stimulating baby’s digestive, nervous and immune system, it can improve sleep patterns and it supports your baby’s physical, emotional and social development.

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